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This easily absorbed face serum will have your skin glowing.

Rooted healing face serums are anti-aging and help fix blemishes overnight. This serum is perfect to use on clean skin right before bed. It will absorb well overnight and WILL NOT leave your skin greasy or oily. .
One of the main ingredients is SUNFLOWER OIL🌻 An amazing source of vitamin E, is rich in nutrients and antioxidants, and is effective for skin issues such as acne, inflammation, redness and irritation. Sunflower oil has properties that help the skin retain its moisture!!


Ingredients: *Sunflower Oil, *Sweet Almond Oil, *Argan Oil, *Jojoba Oil, *Sesame Oil, *Frankincense, *Patchouli


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7 reviews for Face Serum

  1. Happy Customer! (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this face serum along with my gua sha board and really love it. I’ve tried a million face oils and this one seems to to be thicker than most and has a unique blend that my skin loves.. It’s goes on nicely and leaves my skin hydrated.

  2. Kathy

    Best face serum I have ever used.
    I typically buy expensive facial items from places like Sephora, Macy and Ulta..I have even made home remedies myself. But the combination of oils this serum contains is the perfect mixture, it does not clog!! So many oils and creams I have tried have clogged my pores, creating breakouts. This serum not only heals scars and keeps my skin soft and hydrated, but it also helps clear my acne. LOVE!!! The smell helps me relax, it helps me both wake up and fall asleep.

  3. Jenn Ribaudo

    Beautiful serum ! Goes on before I use the hemp cream and my skin feels and looks great. Smells amazing too.

  4. Abe

    Being a guy I dont really use many products like this but Wow my face INSTANTLY felt way less dry and irritated after trying it. Combo with the Hemp face wash is 100

  5. Vanessa

    If you want to feel like you just left the spa every single day … you need this serum. it’s the only serum I’ve tried that doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy or sticky. It’s the perfect balance of hydration that leaves my skin feeling plump and awake with a very pleasant lingering scent. In two weeks the texture on my face has improved and it feels oh so smooth! 10/10 recommend.

  6. Victor

    I waited a few weeks after the purchase to write this review and I’m so happy I did. My face is super sensitive to every single product you can imagine. Even products for sensitive skin still irritate my face to the point that I only use whatever my dermatologist prescribes me or if she gives me the okay on a product. So I stumbled upon this face serum which was minimum natural ingredients. I was slightly hesitant since there was minimum ingredients and even then, my face could’ve had a terrible reaction to the serum. The first day I tried it my heart was pounding in anxiety that my face would burn and to my surprise no burn. Not only that but also my face was GLOWING,Scars from acne were reduced, and some of my noticeable forehead lines were practically gone. I was impressed but still wanted to give it another few weeks to see if my face would be handle daily use. 3 weeks of continue use and my face still hasn’t had one single negative reaction which is SHOCKING considering My history with products ranging from some of the most expensive brands like dermatological, Kiel’s, even skincutucals to the reasonably priced like neutrogena, Clinique, cera V, and Aveno.

    But, It gets better. I had surgery and was unable to shower or shave for a whole week. When I finally did. I realized I had major razor burns on my jaw line. It was so bad that it looked worst than acne. It legit resembled herpes on my jawline.

    I was panicking. I washed my face twice over. And exfoliated. Nothing. I then applied the face serum and holy moly. It cleared the bumps and boil looking blemishes on my jawline.

    After the panic, I googled what was going on and recommend treatments. Aloe Vera and cortisone were amongst the top. So I ran to CVS to get the two. Applied them on my face and it almost agitated the razor burns again.

    So the following day I decided to use just the aloe Vera after I applied the face serum. And similar to the night before. The razor burns were practically invisible after I applied the face serum but then reappeared slightly after I applied the aloe Vera. And then yesterday I applied only the face serum and today, The razor bumps are gone.

    I am profoundly mind F****d. For 1, my face has not had one single negative reaction, if anything, there’s only been improvements to the tone of my face which has never happened to me in my experience with serums and skin cere products, 2, it saved me from walking around looking like I had Mount Everest on my face, and 3, it’s affordable.

    I’ve learned that when something sounds to good to be true. It most likely is. But in this case, this product is too good and very true. I could cry because I’ve been tricked into spending thousands in face products only to have to go to my dermatologist and pay hundreds more to have her fix it.

    Furthermore, its impossible to find minimum ingredient products on the market. So the fact that I found a locally made product, minimum ingredient, and clearly made with passion and love feels like I found the needle in the haystack.

    Thank you thank you thank you to infinity and beyond for making this and adding wholesome natural value into this world. The surgery I had left me with a nasty scar and after my experience with the face serum, Im looking forward to the scar treatment!

    Insider tip: a little really goes a LONG WAY. So yes. It’s affordable and this product will LAST you. And make sure you shake the bottle before application. And you’re golden.

  7. William Cartwright

    I’ve always had the issue that my face will get very dry in the winter, and after a hot shower. To the point where my face would get so dry I would get flaky dead skin.. I naturally have very sensitive skin on my face. I always tried face moisturizers from CVS and other places, and my skin would reject it, turning red and burning. I don’t know much about moisturizers or anything like that. So I went to the dermatologist and they gave me a prescription drug cream that smelled pretty nasty. It worked pretty good but I was worried about the potential negative effects the drug was having in my skin. I was then introduced to Rooted Healing Skincare Face Serum and it’s the best thing that has happened for my skin especially on my face. It smells so nice and feels very natural. It’s a moisturizing oil instead of a cream. It works better than the prescribed cream my dermatologist gave me. I’m very happy with the Face Serum and use it daily and will continue to use it everyday after I shower for possibly the rest of my life!!! Yes it is that good and yes if you don’t already use the rooted healing face serum you should stop waiting and start immediately!!! I would rate 6/5 stars if I could.

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