Face toner

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This Face Toner will balance the pH of your skin and give your skin a natural glow. Rose is great for all types of skin and is very efficient at cleaning the pores! This toner can be used for a deep cleaning of the pores when used with a cotton ball.

INGREDIENTS: Witch Hazel, H2o, Apple cider vinegar, Frankincense, Rose, Tea Tree


Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Face toner

  1. Nicole

    I Absolutely love this toner! It feels so refreshing and light on your face.

  2. Ray

    I noticed a difference with just a single application and it wasn’t until the following morning that I saw an immediate difference.
    If I had a good night’s rest, I would have attributed it to good rest, but I had barely slept and when I looked in the mirror, I was pleasantly surprised at what I was seeing. My skin just looking brighter and cleaner and I love more than anything that it’s all natural and I don’t have to be concerned with any suspicious ingredients.

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