Coming from someone who takes the easy route and does not really go the extra step to make sure the stuff he uses is good for him and actually gives good results – These products are GREAT! The ones that I have used are the Beard Oil, Face Wash, and Body Oil. They all make such a difference in my skin that I had absolutely no idea that I needed.

Prior to the Beard Oil, I did not use anything on my beard and it was always itchy, disheveled and tangled – my solution to that was combing it constantly throughout the day and itching it, which get very annoying. Once I started using the beard oil, after the first time I was able to see and feel a difference. It made my beard look neater and feel silky, after just a few uses my beard was softer, healthy looking, and not itchy.

When it comes to the face I was just using whatever soap I had in the shower or just some water from the sink, and I thought that was getting the job done. The face wash leaves my face probably the cleanest it’s ever felt. It’s very sudsy, smells good, and does not leave any residue or anything on your face. More importantly since it cleans my face so well, I haven’t had any breakouts or pimples since using it daily.

Oh man the body oil! This stuff is easily my favorite product I’ve used. Again, I always took the easy route and just got some basic lotion and thought it was doing a good job. Wow how wrong I was! When I apply this body oil, it goes on my skin soo smoothly and feels great. For me personally, my skin literally soaks it up almost immediately. No sooner do I apply it, it is absorbed into my skin and my arms feel silky smooth.

Overall: Great product, great little homegrown company, great results, and you can’t beat the price for what you are getting. Highly recommend to everyone out there to give it a try